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We have come up with a concise set of datatypes as listed in the table below. The table also lists the corresponding SQL Datatype and the Java class for a logical datatype

You may not agree these, but when building a business application, i greatly simplyfies the process, and the reason Jaffa is open source is so you can extend this list if you want

Jaffa Prefered Data Types

Jaffa Logical Datatype SQL Datatype Java class
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.BOOLEAN java.sql.Types.VARCHAR java.lang.Boolean
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.STRING java.sql.Types.VARCHAR java.lang.String
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.INTEGER java.sql.Types.BIGINT java.lang.Long
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.DECIMAL java.sql.Types.DOUBLE java.lang.Double
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.DATEONLY java.sql.Types.DATE Org.jaffa.datatypes.DateOnly
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.DATETIME java.sql.Types.TIMESTAMP Org.jaffa.datatypes.DateTime
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.CURRENCY java.sql.Types.DOUBLE Org.jaffa.datatypes.Currency
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.RAW java.sql.Types.VARBINARY byte[]
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.LONG_STRING java.sql.Types.LONGVARCHAR java.lang.String
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.LONG_RAW java.sql.Types.LONGVARBINARY byte[]
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.CLOB java.sql.Types.CLOB java.lang.String
org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults.BLOB java.sql.Types.BLOB byte[]


  1. It is recommended to use instances of the listed Java classes inside Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) for transferring data between the different layers of the architecture

  2. The Jaffa Logical Datatypes are specified in the mapping files used by the Persistence Engine, which then uses the appropriate SQL datatype to load/store instances of the corresponding Java class

  3. We’ve created a couple of custom classes for wrapping date fields, adding the much needed arithmetic and logical functionality, without sacrificing the immutability of a datatype

  4. The Boolean datatype is assumed to be a CHAR(1) in the database having the values T/F. This will be enhanced in a future release to support the BIT field and Y/N values

  5. The class org.jaffa.datatypes.Defaults has helper methods to get the Java class for a Jaffa Logical Datatype and vice versa

  6. The class org.jaffa.persistence.engines.jdbcengine.querygenerator.TypeDefs has a helper method to return the SQL Datatype for a given Jaffa Logical Datatype

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