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Persistence / How To

Domain Objects

  • Creating A Domain Object

    This covers the basics of writing a domain object. The base class to use the getters/setters, the validate and update methods. It also covers using the writing and using the meta data class, as well as setting up the JDBCEngine mapping file.

  • Accessing Stored Procedures

    The JDBCEngine allows Domain Objects to be created as facades to database procedures. This document shows you how to achive this.

  • Creating 'non-persistent' Fields (Coming Soon)

    This covers how to add a non-persistent (non-databse) field to a domain object. This field could be a calculated field that may use other fields on the domain object when its getter or updater method is called.

  • Using the Triggers on Domain Objects (Coming Soon)

    There are currently four triggers (preAdd, preUpdate, preDelete and postLoad) that can be used as additional hook in points for domain objects as they are being created / persisted. This document covers how they work, and how you might use them in your application.


  • Querying Domain Objects

    There are many type of queries that must be done on domain objects, this document covers all the options and possibilities that can be used to write these Queries.

  • Transaction Basics

    This covers starting and stopping transactions. It include how within the transaction you can add, delete and update domain objects.

  • Locking Strategies

    This covers how locking works with the JDBC Engine, and how you can programmatically control the type of locking you want in various situations.

Other Stuff

  • Managing Relationships

    The hardest thing with persistent objects is managing the relationships between them. This covers the basic approaches for this, regardless of whether the persistence engine natively supports them

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