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    <Portlet:Form . . . compatability

    This tag extends the struts form tag with a few powerful variations (note that struts tag that it extends has been modified and simplified) . Unlike Struts JAFFA has a more powerful event handling capability. By using hidden fields and event propogation multiple post events can be associated to a form.

    <Portlet:Form action="/samp_Comp"
    Contents of page.....
    General Attributes
    Attribute Name Mandatory/Optional Description
    action Optional Action to be perform on form post and should refer to a definition defined in the the struts config file.
    enctype Optional The content encoding to be used on a POST submit.(inherited from struts tag)
    focus Optional field to focus on page load.
    method Optional The request method used when submitting this form.
    name Optional The attribute key under which our associated bean is stored.
    onreset Optional The onReset event script.
    onsubmit Optional The onSubmit event script.
    scope Optional The scope (request or session) under which our associated bean is stored.
    style Optional The style attribute associated with this tag.
    styleClass Optional The style class associated with this tag.
    styleId Optional The identifier associated with this tag.
    target Optional The window target.
    type Optional The Java class name of the bean to be created, if necessary.
    url Optional Allows a new the jsp to invoke an action that lies outside the scope of the current context.
    guardedHtmlLocation Optional This is the location of the HTML file to use as the transition screen
    Form top


    This is probably the most important tag in JAFFA. It extends the Struts FORM tag and adds in multievent posting.With the capability to invoke an action that lies outside the scope of the current context.


    In Browser

    <form name="sampAppForm" method="POST"
    <SPAN ID="sampAppForm_EntirePage" STYLE="display:block">
    Contents of page.....
    <input type="hidden" name="componentId" value="1">
    <input type="hidden" name="eventId" value="">
    <input type="hidden" id="dateTimeStamp" value="">
    <SPAN ID="sampAppForm_PushPage" STYLE="display:none">
    HTML contents of transition page.....

    JSP Code

    <Portlet:Form action="/samp_Comp"
    Contents of page.....

    How they work

    When this tag is encountered it writes inline HTML and javascript code. When the screen renders, the datetime stamp is written to the hidden field along with the componentID. If an event associated with a widget on the screen is fired, this event ID along with other information is written to the hidden field. The some background javascript fires off the applicable form[0].submit code. The guardedHtmlLocation code is used to make a span that is made visibile as the transition page when a post occours.

    index.html, Last Modified 28-Jun-2003 at 04:14:10pm