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    <Portlet:Header . . . compatability

    This tag is very important as many of the Widgets utilise this tag for writing out necessary Javascript and CSS code for the page. It also handles some behind the scenes javascript code necessary for information gathering on the page and writes in the base ref, that all the files are relative to.

    General Attributes
    Attribute Name Mandatory/Optional Description
    errorBoxInSameWindow optional This is an option to allow the use to have the error box displayed in a new window or as a DIV in the same window.By default it is false.
    noCache optional Allows control of caching.By default it is false.
    Header top

    In Browser

    <base href="http://localhost:8080/SampleApp/"/>
    <SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="jaffa/js/panels/header.js"/></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="jaffa/js/panels/errorpopup.js"/></SCRIPT>
    <script> var windowType = "true" </script>

    JSP Code


    How they work

    When this tag is encountered it writes inline HTML and javascript code. The header.js and errorpopup.js(used by the raiseErrors tag) are written into the header block. The baseref that the entire site is relative to is also written.

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