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    <Portlet:DateTime . . . compatability
    <Portlet:DateTime field="fieldWithCachedModel" dateOnly="true"/>
    General Attributes
    Attribute Name Mandatory/Optional Description
    Attribute Name Mandatory/Optional Description
    field Mandatory Name of associated getter and setter on form bean
    minInterval Optional The interval that you wish the mins dropdown to display
    dateOnly Option For a date only field
    Event Name Description
    No Events
    General Comments

    Because of the fact that IE uses active x controls for its drop downs .. it is not possible to position a layer over a drop down. To get round this problem when the popup for the calender we hide all the drop downs in a screen while the popup is displayed.

    Date Time top


    This widget will creates an edit box and optional hour and min drop downs. It also includes a calender pop up for date selection.


    In Browser


    JSP Code

    <Portlet:DateTime field="fieldWithCachedModel" dateOnly="true"/>

    How they work:

    This creates and editbox with leave field validation for formating and validating dates. It also includes a pop up calender for selecting dates and 2 drop downs for hours and mins.



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