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Jaffa provides a sophisticates set of MVC based widgets that can be used on a JSP. You've probably creates some basic pages and then asked yourself some of the fundimental questions...

  • How can i put validation on this field so they only enter numbers?
  • How can i display a table of data and put columen sorting on
  • How can i put multiple buttons on the screen, when HTML only give me one submit button
  • How can i have dynamic tables where each row contains checkboxes, editboxes and buttons that all can need diffenent event handling
  • How can i validate a date or date time field, and provide a date picker.
The simple answer is The Jaffa Portlet Tag Library, the answer you don't want is to white complex javascript routines, message scriptlet code, and then platform test it all for cross browser compatability.

Enter the Jaffa TagLib Reference Guide

For more of an explanation to using our widgets check out My First Widget(s)

Also, while developing these cross browser compatable widgets, produced a document that hightlights the key problems and issues that need to be addressed for browser independent java scripting

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