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The Key Aspects of the JAFFA Security Layer

  • Transport Security

    Making sure that when data is transmitted, it can be done so without allowing the data to be visible or modifiable between the data's source and destination. This is a critical factor especially when data is transported across the Internet, outside of a protected network.

  • Functional Security

    This is the ability to restrict access to application capability based on the given user, and the role in which they need to use the application. It is rare that any business application will exist with out some kind of role based security system.

  • Data Security

    This is the ability to restrict access to data within the application based on a user's profile and credentials. This is not applicable for every application, but most business systems restrict access to various accounting / payroll data on an as-needed basis.

JAFFA Security Features

Java already provides a strong security infrastructure

  • Core JDK security architecture (In J2SE Specs)

  • Declarative Web Container Role Base Security (In Servlet/JSP Specs)

  • Declarative EJB Container Role Base Security (In EJB Specs)

  • Authentication and Authorization Architecture (In JAAS Specs)

  • Encryption Technology (In JCE Specs)

  • HTTP Security Technologies (HTTPS, Certificates, etc)

JAFFA Builds On This Technology And Offers The Following

  • Authentication Technologies

    • Supports Web Container Based (Basic, Form, Digest, JAAS, etc)
    • Supports Application Form Based
    • Pluggable Authentication Module Design
    • Authentication Extension Points for Application Specific Initialization

  • Declarative Role Based Application Security Policies

    • Inherits Roles From Container Authentication
    • Fine grain declarative security over Functions and Components
    • Seamless security context within the Web or J2EE Container

  • Single Sign-on Support for Multiple Web Applications

  • URL Secret Key Encryption/Encoding Routines (For custom uses)

  • Declarative Role Based Data Security Architecture

    • Based On Database (Oracle) Security Features
    • Supports Connection Pooling
    • Concept can be applied to other function rich databases

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