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Release Notes JAFFA v1.0.0

1. Supported Infrastructure

1.1. Java

This project is based on JDK 1.4, it uses the regular expressions, advanced security, and other features of the JDK 1.4 release.

1.2. Tomcat 3.3a

The framework has been tested on this release, athough some of the more advanced security functions can only be exploited in Tomcat 4

1.3. Tomcat 4.0.3

The framework has been tested on this release, both the full version, and the special JDK 1.4 Lite edition.

This is the prefered container for deployment

1.4. Other Web Servers

The architecture is based on the J2EE 1.3 specifications for JSP and Servlets, Any container that supports this should be suitable for deployment.

1.5. Browser Support

The widgets currently support IE 5.5, although they work on IE 5.01, this version has a bug with caching pages even if they should not be, so we don't recommend it be used for that reason.

We currently has some known issues with the javascript causing errors in IE 6.0 and are presently looking into this. In addition we are also looking into the ability to support Nestsacpe/Mozilla browsers in a future release.

2. Known Issues

2.1. Error Loading java.xml.bind.* classes

Although the jaxb-rt-*.jar is packaged in the WAR file META-INF/lib directory as required, Tomcat does not seem to be able to find it. We are currently looking into this problem

Work Arround - Copy the jaxb-rt-*.jar into the $JAVA_HOME$/jre/lib/ext directory and the missing classes should become visible to Tomcat.


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