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Jaffa Release Notes v1.2.0

This document describes the changes that have been made in the current development version of Jaffa, relative to the Jaffa 1.1 release.

For details about a previous release click here

What's New in Version 1.2

General New Features:

  • Dynamic Rules Engine that provides endless validation for the Domain Objects
  • Cache Manager
  • Internationalization support for date and numeric fields
  • Jaffa.SessionExplorer component which gives a view of all the user sessions
  • Component Garbage Collection for better memory management
  • Load testing tool
  • The DTDs are now stored locally. This removes the dependence on an external website for DTD validation
  • Tests for data security
  • Added helper methods to StringHelper, to support the concatenation of code and description fields in JSPs
  • Added a voucher utility for generating technical keys
  • Upgraded from JAXB-EA to the JAXB-1.0
  • Upgraded to the latest version of J2EE(1.3.1), JDOM(b8), Log4J(1.2.8), Struts(1.0.2), HttpUnit(1.5.3)

Persistence New Features:

  • Extended database support, we've now tested the persistence layer with Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL Server 2000, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Optimized the SQL generated by the JDBCEngine for handling joins
  • The JDBCEngine was enhanced to load database-specific constructs while generating DML
  • The UOW was enhanced to perform field and domain object validations
  • Added logic to perform validations for mandatory fields during a store operation in the JDBCEngine

Patterns New Features:

  • Maintenance Pattern and Application Generator to build a complete CRUD app from a Domain Model
  • The DomainCreator pattern was enhanced to 'ignore' specified fields
  • The Finder/Lookup patterns were enhanced by caching UP entities while generating the results, so that multiple queries are not performed on the same data instance
  • Added the descending sort and default sort capabilities to the Finder and Lookup patterns
  • The domain object for a criteria/results field in an ObjectFinder is now optional

Presentation New Features:

  • Our widgets have been overhauled to support not only IE v5.5 and 6.0, but now we can support Netscape 7.x, and Mozilla 1.3.x
  • The button widget has been totally revamped with CSS support
  • Added 2 new attributes to the TextTag - popUp and maxLength
  • Test rig for FoldingSection and New CSS Buttons

Bug Fixes and Improvements

General Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Copyright to reference 'All' instead of 'Aerospace'
  • The build scripts have been fixed to execute tasks for WindowsXP
  • Fixed the JaffaJAR and JaffaToolsJAR target in the build script to also include DTD files
  • Fixed the MessageHelper to not pass null arguments when invoking the MessageResources
  • Removed the reference to the deprecated class HttpUtils from URLHelper
  • Fixed the build script to have 'debug' and 'deprecation' turned on, when creating the JARs
  • Fixed the build scripts to exclude the pesky Windows XP file 'Thumbs.db' from the distributables
  • Fixed the Finder component to determine the values displayed in the MaxRecords dropdown in a Finder/Lookup, through a framework property
  • Changed CustomException to use the java 1.4 getCause() inner exception
  • Added fixes to allow mbean creation in Tomcat 1.4.24

Persistence Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the DataSourceCursor to wrap the call to 'setFetchSize' in a try-catch block, since all drivers do not implement the feature (eg.Postgresql)
  • Fixed JdbcSecurityPluginFactory such that an exception will no longer be raised, if the property 'framework.persistence.jdbcengine.security.plugin' is not specified in framework.properties

Patterns Bug Fixes:

  • The Finder/Lookup patterns were fixed to bring up related Viewers in a new browser window
  • The Finder/Lookup patterns were fixed to bring up a 'confirm' message before deleting a record
  • Fixed the ConfigFileUpdate to correctly handle filenames having spaces
  • Fixed the Uniface domainmeta tool to allow customization of the 'CaseType' attribute of a field
  • Fixed the Uniface domainmeta tool to refer to Field Interface Templates while processing a table
  • The JDOMParser was replaced by a new class DomParser, which uses the Java1.4 API for XML parsing, instead of JDOM

Presentation Bug Fixes:

  • Eventhandling has been fixed to put the desired FormKey on the request stream, instead of setting the 'CurrentFormKey' property on the UserSession
  • Fixed the error handling mechanism in FormBase to be more consistent with Struts
  • Fixed the UserGridManager to not raise warnings if the UserGridSettings file is not found
  • Fixed the Tags to implement the TryCatchFinally interface, since the JSP spec no longer guarantees the invocation of the release() method
  • Fixed the TextTag to replace the EndOfLine characters with the <BR> tag
  • Fixed a few UserGrid bugs to make the widget more robust
  • The UserGrid was fixed to allow disabling hints
  • Fixed the lookup.jsp to correctly handle double-quotes
  • Fixed the javascript to include input fields of type 'password' in the logic that traps the key presses, so that auto-enter works for password fields
  • Improved error handling in the Tags when the WidgetModel in the formbean is not the correct class for the widget consuming the model. It will now give a sencible message when the exception is thrown

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