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JAFFA Version 1.1 in Beta

We released the initial Jaffa Version 1.0.0 back in May '02, and promised a whole host of new features to follow. Most of these have already been developed, some are still in the final stretch of coding.

Anyhow, we are building a business application based on this new version 1.1 of Jaffa, and if there are no problems with Jaffa, we intend to make September '02 the release date for Jaffa v1.1.0.

If you're interested to get the latest beta (nightly build) please contact us and we will send you a copy, as we don't have an automated mechanism to publish the nightly builds.

What to Expect in Jaffa v1.1

  • We have several new patterns: ObjectFinder, ObjectViewer, ComponentSkeleton
  • We have refactored the DomainObject pattern to make the use of resources more consistent.
  • We have enhanced the Table and Grid widget for better sorting and sizing
  • We have a new UserGrid widget the supports user based personalization
  • We have a new FoldingSection widget to improve complex screen clutter
  • We have the complete container based application security framework in places
  • We have a main menu component that can be used as an application entry point
  • We have the data security layer with built-in policy generator (needs Oracle 9i)
  • We have started developing migration tools, the first one allows you to move a complete Uniface Entity model to Jaffa Domain Objects
  • And many more fixes and refactorings...

New Documentation

You will notice we have much more content in our 'how to' sections on this site, however writing this documentation continues to be a balancing act between writing the Jaffa code and squeezing in the real work!...Any Volunteers???

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