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JAFFA getting ready for prime time

The project team have just completed a mini application using a beta version of the JAFFA framework, and in the process discovered a few changes that must be made to the presentation and persistence layer. We are in the process of fixing these issues and plan to have them done by the end of the month.

This is when the first version of the framework should be available...So watch this space.

What's in the Pipeline


Enhancing The Widgets...

We're developing some new variations of the Table and Grid widget will allow the user to customize there view, and keep it for next time.

Beefing Up Security...

We are adding in the Application Security and Data Security. We've also added SSL and Single Sign-On support and integration with JAAS (via Tomcat's JAAS Realm)

Documenting Like Crazy...

Documentation is essential for any framework, especially one that is to be used by the Open Source community. The JAFFA team is working away on producing volumes of guides and how-to documents to make the framework easy to get started with

Sample Application...

Along with the documentation, and in addition to all the unit tests and test rigs within the project, we will be working on building a reference application (Probably not a Pet Store!) so you can see the framework in action.

Patterns / Code Generator...

This is a very exciting part of the project, and will be a key focus for the team in the next 3 months. Read our documentation section to find out how this key feature will be used to kick start the development of any Web application.

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