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Web Site Updated

  • We've added access to the sub-projects on the left hand side.
  • We've completed the Jaffa Security Plug-in, including its documentation and on-line demos.
  • We've moved the source for this web site to sourceforge under the 'WebSite' module for better control
  • We are days away from uploading all the Jaffa source into the sourceforge repository....


JAFFA Gets A New Acronym

Originally the word Jaffa (apart from being a costal city now merged with Tel-Aviv) was an acronym for 'Java Application Framework For Aerospace' (see why...).

Since then many have asked why is this project specific to Aerospace? After several replies detailing that it was not, and that it could be used to build all sorts of enterprise applications for any vertical market, we decided that we should change the 'Aerospace' to something else.

We have currently settled on 'All' (unless anyone has some better suggestions?) so that JAFFA is now 'Java Application Framework For All'. Another contender was a nice recursive GNU-like definition where JAFFA translates to 'JAFFA's A Framework For All', but we wanted to keep it simple.

Jaffa v1.2 Under Development

We are now coding the version 1.2 enhancements. These include...

  • Persistence Layer Performance Enhancements
  • UML Based Modeling of Security Rules
  • Re-baselining of Jaffa to latest JSP/Servlet Specs (J2EE v1.3.1)
  • Re-baselining of Jaffa to latest release of dependent projects (Tomcat, Log4J, Struts, etc)
  • Session Explorer component for debugging
  • Improved memory management for components
  • Various other minor bugs

Sample Application

We have been promising ourselves the release of a sample application for Jaffa for quite some time. We have decided to take a 2 phase approach to this. First is to release a 'building block' project, that contains basic facilities that all applications will need. The second phase is to use this starting point to build some 'real/useful' applications.

So we have started a new module under CVS called SampleApp (click to see this in CVS) which will be the base line for this.

Going Live on CVS

We are using the 'SampleApp' as our test for using sourceforge's CVS as our primary repository. Assuming things go well with that we will be moving the core development of the Jaffa project to sourceforge within the next few months.

New Widget User Guides

As a starting point for a complete Jaffa User Guide, we have added some detailed documentation for the Jaffa Widgets. This now gives explanations of the widgets and all their attributes

Click here for the index

Validation Rules Engine

In its infancy is a new Rules Engine that can be used to dynamically define additions rules for the validation and integrity of domain object data and data transfer objects. This probably will be available in a limited fashion in the next major release.

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