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Getting Started

The Basics

  • The 'Example1' Demo

    This guide shows how in 15 mins you can use JaffaBaseline and the Example1 downloads to set up a project and get a complete working application generated with no additional code or configuration. It assumes you have MySQL, Java and Tomcat already installed.

  • JAFFA For The First Time

    This explains the basics of the JaffaCore project. How to download it, build it, and play with some of the sample code, run the unit tests, etc

  • Laying It All Out

    This is a recommendation of how to layout your project's folders and what to put where when you start building your first Application. Why spend the time thinking about this, we've already figured it out for you. JaffaBaseline is also available as a short cut to setting all this up

More Advanced

  • My First Widgets

    This explains how start using the widgets provided by Jaffa for creating simple, but powerful screens in your applictation. It assumes a working knowledge of the STRUTS presentation framework.

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