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ac·knowl·edg·ment or ac·knowl·edge·ment


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  • Recognition of another's existence, validity, authority, or right.
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source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Projects JAFFA is based on

These projects are core to the JAFFA project, and the are required at development and runtime. Therefore you must comply with there licensing and distribution terms as well as those of the JAFFA project. The licensing for all of these can be found by down loading the Jaffa source (See jaffa-src.zip on the source download page) and looking in the /license folder.

license Struts Presentation Framework
Log4J for logging and debuging information

JAXB - Sun's Early Access version for XML Marshalling
JDOM - Can XML manipulation be any simpler?

WebMacro - Used by the pattern engine as a template mark up language
DbConnectionBroker - For connection pooling
Projects the JAFFA Team Utilize

This are projects that we have used in our RnD prototyping activites, are planning to use, have used for inspiration, or just generally have lying arround because they are so useful.

The list below also identifies most of the open source tool set you'll need if you plan to do some serious development. Java IDE's, Web/J2EE Servers, Configuration Management Tools, Automated Testing Suites, etc. If we give you anything more, we might as well just come in there and write your application for you (Hmmm.. now there'a an idea :-)

Tomcat, The web server of choice
JBoss, The J2EE server of choice
Castor JDO and XML framework
(The best OpenSource O/R Layer we found)
Ant Build Tool for Assembly/Deployment
JUnit - For unit testing class files
HttpUnit - For unit testing web applications
NetBeans - Can a free IDE really be this good?
Check out Suns' Forte 4 Java (CE) as well
CVS - Can any open source project work without it?
Tortoise - If you use CVS on windows, you'll love this little gem
Bugzilla - Our Bug Tracking Software Of Choice?
Other Sources

In our travellings throughout the Java, Open Source Software Development Community we have come accross many people, papers, ideas, concepts, articals, pearls of wisdom etc. In this section we'd like to give credit to some of those people, articles and papers that has a real impact on the direction of the Jaffa project.

  1. Scott Ambler's O/R Persistence Layer White Paper
  2. Martin Folwer's Patterns for the Data Transfer Object and Unit Of Work
  3. Sun Microsystems and their publications on J2EE Core Patterns

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