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Sample App

This is a complete project that is building block that you can use to start building an application. It contains a complete project directory structure, including all required configuration files and build scripts. It also contains basic user account mangement build from some of the standard Jaffa patterns for domain object and components. It has been completed by a menu system implementation, with its security policies modeled using the Together UML tool.

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Jaffa Security Plug-In

This module is based on Together Contol Center, and provides ways of modeling the application security model in UML, and then generating Jaffa security descriptors directly from the UML.

This module also include on-line demo's of how this tool can be installed and used.

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TextPad Tag Library

This module is a set of Tag/Clib Libraries for use with TextPad editor. This libraries are for

  • Writing JSP's to the JAFFA standards
  • Writing Java Code to the JAFFA standards
  • Generating JAFFA web site pages

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