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There are several ways to get our attention...

  1. The best way is to post something to the jaffa-users mail group. Most of the developers and hopefully some of our users monitor this list.

  2. We also have the jaffa-develop mail list which we use within the development team when discussing the jaffa internal workings.

  3. In the past we have used the 'Help Forum' under Sourceforge, but this often gets overlooked, so we highly recommend using the jaffa-users list instead

  4. Finally for any other information or questions about the JAFFA project, please contact Paul Extance (JAFFA Project Manager). This mail account is checked semi-regularly, so again, you may want to try the jaffa-users list first, as most of the questions that get sent to this accounts get forwarded to the list server and answered there!


Paul E.

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