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Rules and Regulations

If you want to get a good understanding of the Jaffa code, its standards, how things are layed out, then read the sections below. These standards are also intended for use by any application being build on the Jaffa Architecture. Of course you don't have to use these in your app, but it will help later on if you start using the Tool and Patterns in Jaffa, as they conform to the standards layed out below.

Naming Standards

  1. Naming Standards for HTML objects
  2. Naming Standards for Java
  3. Naming Standards for other objects

Programming Standards

  1. Java Programming Standards (From Sun)
  2. JSP Programming / Design Standards (Comming Soon)

Project Standards

  1. JAFFA Project Structure
  2. Recommended Structure For Applications Using JAFFA
  3. Recommended Java Application Package Structure
  4. Recommended Web Application Structure

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